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Acupuncture is a wonderful addition to corporate settings.

It provides a respite from modern society's high-stress, fast-paced work environments. 

Commonly Reported Organization Benefits:
Decreased burnout and turnover rates
Improved relationships between staff
 Reports of being less stressed as well as smoking and eating less
Increased job satisfaction
Increased job performance
Decreased absenteeism

Group or individual treatments can be provided.

Group treatments include the use of the Five Point Protocol. Approximately five people may participate per one-hour session. Participants sit silently in a group with tranquil music and may stay for up to 45 minutes. If some participants choose to end treatment earlier, another person may rotate in. I recommend that this treatment be received for at least 20 minutes. The last treatment is provided 20 minutes before the end of the hour. 

I sometimes include a short, guided meditation once each participant has received their needles and is settled. The purpose of the meditation is to increase the awareness of the mind-body connection.

Visit the Five Point Protocol section of this site to learn more about this particular treatment.

Individualized treatments consist of private consultation and treatment to address an individual's specific physical and emotional concerns.

Please contact me with any questions and to discuss the possibilities for making this part of your workplace culture.