Jeanne was recommended to me through a friend who had used her in conjunction with IVF treatment. She had a very successful and positive experience with Jeanne. I was at a low point in my fertility journey after two miscarriages and a year of trying, so this recommendation came at a perfect time for me. Jeanne was so attentive in our sessions. Always beginning each time recapping a previous session and wanting to chat about what was new with me. She was never judgmental, always kind, and really seemed to care about me.

The acupuncture part was totally new to me. Each session was so relaxing. I fell asleep each time and left with a feeling of calm that lasted for several days. My whole outlook on the future changed and I was finally feeling hopeful that children were in my future. Within 2 to 3 months of treatment with Jeanne I was pregnant! This pregnancy was totally different from my previous two. I continued to see Jeanne weekly throughout my first trimester and felt great!

The treatment, the price, the experience all 5 stars. Highly recommend! ~ Lindsay P.

Simply the best! Jeanne asks a lot of questions to get at the heart of ailment and always takes time to explain every procedure. Always feel better after one of her treatments. ~ Wayne G.

Jeanne is fantastic! Don't hesitate to go see her. She will change your life! ~ A.S.

You give attentive, considered, responsible, intuitive care and that's worth a lot. ~ Laura M.                                  

I have felt so much more relaxed since starting acupuncture immediately after I come in and then just overall more calm and at peace. I didn't expect to feel less stressed and happier as a result of acupuncture. I was actually telling my husband that I feel better from acupuncture than from the last 4+ years of therapy I've had. I just thought you should know how wonderful and appreciated you are! Your kind demeanor has really added to the therapeutic benefits of acupuncture. ~ A.


You are a gifted healer, Jeanne. A beautiful confluence of intellectual knowledge and keen curiosity for this medicine. You are compassionate, humble, and radiate a glorious warmth. And, I would be remiss if I didn't mention your stellar wit which is delightfully healing in and of itself. Truly, you are a special person and I would recommend the dearest people in my life to see you for acupuncture treatment. ~ M.  

It is a pleasure for me to write recommending Jeanne Crane. I had been to a number of medical specialists regarding my problem. They had barely listened to my story but prescribed many medications none of which seemed to help. When I first came to Jeanne's clinic, she was professional, compassionate, attentive and pleasant. Most important she took a thorough history and spent the time to listen carefully to my responses and complaints. She patiently took the time to explain the plan and treatments and answer all my questions. After several treatments my symptoms abated. As a physician myself, I was very impressed with Jeanne's professionalism and competence. ~ D.     

I've never had acupuncture treatment on my ears before.  I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at how very relaxing and soothing it was!  ~ Shiv

I was a bit nervous at first as I wasn't sure what to expect, but Jeanne explained everything and answered my questions very thoughtfully and patiently, which put me at ease. Jeanne shared her personal story of how acupuncture helped her for many years and how she became an acupuncturist to share her positive experiences with others. I appreciated the intimacy that comes from sharing something so personal - it created a very caring and nurturing environment, and for me a sense of peace leading into the session.

I received ear needling treatment. It didn't hurt, although one or two pricked for a moment. Once I settled into the treatment, I completely relaxed. For the first few minutes, I felt heat and energy leave my body through my extremities and the top of my head. It was like all my stress was making a mad exit on command. Then for nearly 20 minutes, I felt total relaxation and calmness. When I was finished, the needles were removed. Afterward, I felt a sense of accomplishment yet peaceful, like I had a good work-out, and didn't feel the need to do anything else, which for me is not typical since my mind is constantly seeking the next thing to do. It was not an over the top feeling of euphoria, but a feeling of being refreshed and just a quiet contentment.

Jeanne spends as much time during the pre-session as she does during the needling session, learning as much about you as you want to share. For me this created a relationship of trust and helped me let go of whatever it was that was bothering me for that moment. She has a very gentle way of practicing which is caring yet practical. ~ T.

I have been benefiting from treatments with Jeanne Crane for about a year.  In addition to the pleasant, peaceful mood that I have been able to take home from almost every session with her in the treatment room, I will mention some other gifts I have experienced in Jeanne’s presence.

I found myself relaxing easily into trusting and open conversation with Jeanne about whatever situation or symptom had brought me in for treatment. Being able to talk freely in Jeanne’s presence has been a particularly important part of treatment for me.

Treatments she chose were responsive to my requests, and at the same time, went beyond the words I offered about my symptoms, and seemed to be guided by her observations of me and my pulses. I was frequently grateful for a sense of movement and relief in my body during and after the needles. This movement was often very different from what I thought I had come for.

Several treatments provided much welcome relief from severe and long-term pain in my left shoulder and left foot. ~ S.

I have had the privilege to work with Jeanne Crane in the treatment room several times over the last few years. Jeanne is an exceptional practitioner. Her presence in the treatment room is grounded, she practices active listening and is able to offer her patients different perspectives to consider. Jeanne studies the theory of our medicine and is able to apply her knowledge of Acupuncture when planning her treatments and when interacting with her patients. She is able to apply her knowledge in a way that does not detract from the quality of the interaction with her patient. 

Jeanne has a great sense of humor. I have learned a great deal from Jeanne over the past several years and she embodies the healing arts in and out of the treatment room. If Jeanne recommends a practice for one of her patients, she ensures that she too is doing that practice. She is an inspiration to me as a practitioner – I would gladly have her treat any of my family members in future. ~ T.W.